The Australian Special Education Principals Association was established in 1998.

ASEPA is the peak national organisation representing school based special education principals and leaders in Australia.

ASEPA has developed from the Australian Federation of Special Education Administrators (AFSEA). AFSEA was formed as an outcome of the inaugural national conference of special education leaders in Adelaide in November 1997.

The body was incorporated in 2001. ASEPA parallels similar peak bodies such as the Australian Primary Principals Association and the Australian Secondary Principals Association. The unique patterns of education service delivery to students with disabilities and special educational needs requires ASEPA to represent special education leaders across all sectors of schooling including early intervention, primary and secondary.

ASEPA (as of July 1 2015) now operates under its new company constitution and is now a Company by Limited Guarantee, registered with the Australian Investment Securities Commission.

Life Members

Life Membership has been awarded previously for outstanding service and contribution to ASEPA.

The criteria for awarding Life membership to ASEPA will be as follows and determined by the Board.  The Board has the power to add or delete criteria as they see fit for an appropriate candidate:

A person:

  1. Who has demonstrated a sustained and active participation in ASEPA
  2. Recognised as a special educational leader in the national environment
  3. Who demonstrates considerable commitment to the furtherance of special education
  4. With professional character and conduct consistent with the objects of ASEPA

Current Life Members of ASEPA

Margot Radford (SA)
Harry Terry (NSW)
Peter Symons (VIC)
Allan Cullen (NSW)
Peter Davis (QLD)
Dr. John  Enchelmaier (QLD)
Dr. Fiona Forbes (WA)
Frank Fogliati (ACT)
Lorraine Hodgson (NT)

Jill Dean (NSW)
Roselynne Anderson (QLD)